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LTC , About to make a big move. DONE

LTC TECHNICAL ANALYSIS ON : LTC/USD + LTC/BTC   #LTC/BTC HAS FORMED A CUP AND HANDLE (bullish signal) #LTC/USD IS IN A BIG ACCUMULATION (bullish signal)     LTC/BTC has fallen from the 0.01 btc level to 0.0685 btc, since then we never closed a day above the 0.01 level. It is a big and…
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BTC – USD analysis 12.18.2018

BTC dominance: 53.6% (over 2% decrease); Market capitalization: $121 billion – 18 billion increase in 24 hours; BTC price change: +5.02% (1D), +8.27%(1W), -33% (1M) Technical Analysis: BTC was able to surpass $3400 and $3600 resistance lines that kept it from recovery. Such a rapid spike however indicates that we might see minor retracementt in…
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Bitcoin Analysis. What’s going on? 11/15/2018

Current market capitalization: 182 billion USD. Capitalization loss for the past 48 hours: 28 billion USD. What happened to the market, and what caused this crash? Some people blame Bitcoin Cash hardfork while others blame whales. Regardless of the reason, overall trend is still bearish, and this trend hasn’t changed since January 2017. Since November…
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BTC-USD Technical Analysis 10.08.2018

BTC dominance: 52.0% (over 2% decrease); Market capitalization: $222 billions – over 20 billion increase for the past month; BTC price change: +0.66% (1D), +6.79%(1M) Market sentiment: Slightly positive due to multiple positive news that encourage institutional investors. Technical Analysis: BTC went over $6600, and formed continuation pattern. So far, BTC follows recovering pattern and…
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BTS-USD Technical Analysis

BTC dominance: 56.8% (slight 1% decrease); Market capitalization: $194 billions; BTC price change: +2.44% (1D), -0.24%(1W), +7.05%(1M) Market sentiment: The overall attitude of investors toward crypto market is slightly negative. Recently, ETH price dropped below $190 mark, which is the lowest price since July 16, 2017. While there are no significant negative news, bearish sentiment continues to…
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Weekly Report (09.01.2018 – 09.07.2018)

BTC Price change (1 Week): −8.65%  or −$610.03 Market capitalization (1 Week): -11.28% Week High and Low: H – $7378, L – $6323; BTC Dominance: 3% growth; CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey told a Congressional committee that Twitter company is exploring blockchain solutions for its platform. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter in response to a…
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August 2018 Summary. Technical and Fundamental Analysis

August in numbers: Lowest price: $5855 Highest price: $8155 One-month price change: +4.13% growth Market capitalization change: -14% decrease (down from 266 billion to 236 billion USD) BTC dominance: Changed from 48.3% to 53% August 2018 had series of ETF-related events that caused mood swings among investors and traders. So what is ETF and what…
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Market summary. July 27th, 2018

Market summary. July 27th, 2018 Bitcoin price change: 24 hours: -0.85% 1 month: +32.15% BTC trading volume (24h): $$5,477,280,000 (Over 1 billion decrease) BTC Dominance: 47.3% (Slight decrease): Biggest Gainers (TOP-100):VeChain (27.18%) Biggest Losers (TOP-100): MOAC (-9.73%) Bitcoin behaved as I expected, and wrote in my previous analysis:It dropped below $8200 and went as low…
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Bitcoin/USD  —  Full analysis

In this brief article I will analyze Bitcoin price, using basic Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Based on available information I came to conclusion that we have several possible scenarios. You might automatically assume that bearish scenario is a worst-case scenario, however that’s not what my analysis says. Read this article till the end if you…
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