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LTC, About to Make a Big Move. DONE

LTC TECHNICAL ANALYSIS ON : LTC/USD + LTC/BTC   #LTC/BTC HAS FORMED A CUP AND HANDLE (bullish signal) #LTC/USD IS IN A BIG ACCUMULATION (bullish signal)     LTC/BTC has fallen from the 0.01 btc level to 0.0685 btc, since then we never closed a day above the 0.01 level. It is a big and…
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ETH/USD Maybe a Bottom

ETH/USD MAYBE A BOTTOM   #ETH/USD is now floating near his major support, which is around 100$   #ETH/USD has formed a falling wedge pattern on the daily chart.   After the massive drop of ETH/USD  on the 10th of january, ETH/USD formed a range between 131$ to 114.5$. Two days ago ETH/USD broke this…
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Weekly Report (09.01.2018 – 09.07.2018)

BTC Price change (1 Week): −8.65%  or −$610.03 Market capitalization (1 Week): -11.28% Week High and Low: H – $7378, L – $6323; BTC Dominance: 3% growth; CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey told a Congressional committee that Twitter company is exploring blockchain solutions for its platform. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter in response to a…
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August 2018 Summary. Technical and Fundamental Analysis

August in numbers: Lowest price: $5855 Highest price: $8155 One-month price change: +4.13% growth Market capitalization change: -14% decrease (down from 266 billion to 236 billion USD) BTC dominance: Changed from 48.3% to 53% August 2018 had series of ETF-related events that caused mood swings among investors and traders. So what is ETF and what…
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Market summary. July 31th, 2018

Bitcoin price change: 24 hours: −1.08% 1 month: +27.86% BTC trading volume (24h): $5,511,829,722 (No significant change) BTC Dominance: 48% (Slight increase): Biggest Gainers (TOP-100):Polymath (9.17%) Biggest Losers (TOP-100): Mithril (-20.17%) Bitcoin is moving within bullish ascending triangle, common continuation pattern. It’s a good bullish indicator which requires additional confirmations. News environment: Neutral. Nothing outstanding or…
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Market summary. July 27th, 2018

Market summary. July 27th, 2018 Bitcoin price change: 24 hours: -0.85% 1 month: +32.15% BTC trading volume (24h): $$5,477,280,000 (Over 1 billion decrease) BTC Dominance: 47.3% (Slight decrease): Biggest Gainers (TOP-100):VeChain (27.18%) Biggest Losers (TOP-100): MOAC (-9.73%) Bitcoin behaved as I expected, and wrote in my previous analysis:It dropped below $8200 and went as low…
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Bitcoin/USD  —  Full analysis

In this brief article I will analyze Bitcoin price, using basic Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Based on available information I came to conclusion that we have several possible scenarios. You might automatically assume that bearish scenario is a worst-case scenario, however that’s not what my analysis says. Read this article till the end if you…
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