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HomeICO Reviews — Storiqa

Total Rating: 3.8
Team Rating: 3
Vision Rating: 4
Product Rating: 4.5
Token: STQ
Price in ICO: 0.0030 USD
Country: Hong Kong
Minimum investment: $50
Whitepaper: Link
ICO Start Date: 28 Nov 2017
ICO End Date: 29 Jan 2018

I came across quite an interesting project. Project’s hard cap is almost closed – 25 million USD. I think it’s a good indicator as it shows us that project has interest among investors and crypto community.

So what’s that project? Its name is Storiqa

Storiqa is a marketplace with a wide range of functions for effective sales in the world of a new digital economy. The project tries to remove middleman between sellers and buyers, allowing the creation of a unique open trading platform with infinite growth potential.

What product does it offer?

The product is user-friendly online store builder, where any seller is able to create their own storefront to sell their goods, while making use of the platform’s wide range of features for a minimal fee. It’s decentralized and offers solution to cryptocurrency liquidity problem

What do I like about this project?

  • Current price per token – $0.0085 which is less than 1 cent. Yes, project has large total supply of tokens, but let’s compare to another projects with similar supply: NEM has about 9 billion tokens and its price is over 1 USD per token. Electroneum – around 6 billion tokens with the price of 14 cents per token. Stellar – 18 billion tokens with the current price of 50 cents per token.
  • Limited emission of tokens only within the current Token Sale. Because of this we are unlikely to see inflation, unlike other projects with large supply!
  • Their Telegram channel has over 17 thousand people- that’s quite impressive and shows hype around the project
  • It offers users to monetize reviews through Facebook, Youtube, WeChat, Telegram etc. with transparent blockchain affiliate marketing.
  • Strong advisory board that includes Peter Xu, who is associated with the largest e-commerce retailer AliBaba group.
  • It tries to solve a serious market problem and targets 2.2 trillion USD market
  • They have partnered with KickICO and ICO Box which indicates that this project is likely to get listed on exchanges quite soon.
  • This platform allows to buy items with any supported cryptocurrency. If this project will be able to execute their business idea, then it t has all chances to be among Top-10 cryptocurrency projects by market capitalization.
  • It’s business model has competitive advantages even against companies like Amazon and Ebay.

What are possible risks related to this project?

  • This project sets very difficult and ambitious goals – to create decentralized market that will solve cryptocurrency liquidity problem through online store builder.
  • It will take time before they will be able to build large customer base.
  • The platform wasn’t tested on the large world scale yet.

Conclusion: I like this project as it solves serious market problem. Its cheap price looks attractive – less than one cent for the token supply of less than 7-10 billion. Despite having large competitors and several risks I would like to invest in this project as it offers solution to an e-commerce retail problem, increases cryptocurrency liquidity and has strong developer team behind the project. This project is good for everyone: short and long-term investors.