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Review.Network (PreICO)

HomeICO Reviews — Review.Network (PreICO)

Total Rating: 2.5
Team Rating: 3.8
Vision Rating: 2.2
Product Rating: 1.5
Token: REW
Pre ICO Price: 0.01 USD
Bonus: up to 40%
MVP/Prototype: Not available
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
Soft cap: 3 000 000
Hard cap: 22 500 000
Country: Cyprus
Whitelist/KYC: Yes
Restricted areas: USA, Puerto Rico, South Korea, China
Minimum investment: 1 ETH
Project Type: Feedback Platform
Category: dApp
Total Supply: 5 000 000 000
Whitepaper: Link
ICO Start Date: 01 Aug 2018
ICO End Date: 31 Aug 2018

Review.Network is a project that aims to create a unique trusted high-intelligence user-company feedback platform based on blockchain and AI technologies. Review.Network provides direct communication between companies and customers, that helps carry on efficient top-tier market research feedback without any mediator. Our model also directly rewards participants for their valuable feedback. The platform’s community can gain coins by producing content and working with quality reviews on the Review.Network platform. With the smart recommendation system implemented, it is easier for members to find the best goods and services with ease. The REW is the digital currency of the Review.Network platform. Companies purchase coins to conduct market research on the platform and reward users in exchange for the feedback they leave.


  • Detection algorithm for detecting fake reviews (both negative & positive false reviews). Also detect biases, herd mentality, social media influence/peer pressure;
  • Demographic information filtering system;
  • Review writers get rewarded, which is a proven model;
  • A platform that gives readers to vote the reviewers as well (for  token benefits in return). This privacy will help medical & healthcare sectors too for reviews on sensitive treatment and solutions;
  • Reviews are cross validated/compared by other reviews (validator selection by blind auction);
  • Tackles decreasing length of review since 2010 due to rise of mobile devices. Customers are rewarded for better & meaningful reviews;
  • Other than geography & demographic, reviewers can also mention, educational background, work experience, experience in using the products & alternatives, etc. These can be used for higher level data analytics for filtering, useful for machine learning algorithms
  • Team + Advisors take only 15% of tokens.


  • Reviewers get onto the platform quoting lower price. But this would give an incentive for spammers to quote less and get on board and publish/generate false reviews.
  • AI & Machine Learning part is not described, instead deferred to a future technical paper release. These techniques need high volumes of good data to work no matter how good the code is. What is the source of such data?
  • Will people pay for REW.Premium?
  • Large whale bonus: For purchase over 30 ETH, customer gets 30% discount
  • Hard Cap: € 22.500,000
  • High price for ICO period: 1 cent per token with 5 billion supply;
  • Public Beta Version will be released only after ICO;
  • Team lacks experience on international market;
  • Project looks good on paper, however it requires large financial resources to build customer base;
  • Company is heavily using bots to create false feeling of large community;


  • Project has space for geographical expansion;
  • This dApp can be applied to diversified markets: restaurants, food, entertainment industry, business services and products etc.


  • Large, competitive companies like YELP are likely to use blockchain technologies in the future;
  • Bearish and extremely volatile market;
  • Token-based rewards totally depend on token value;
  • Limited demand for tokens might push the price down;
  • Business model relays on token economics which has serious flaws;
  • Doesn’t have loyal customer base and there is no guarantee that it will be formed;

Team: has diverse, experienced, international team. They also were able to recruit network of advisers. I can’t highlight any outstanding member, but overall team looks solid. I also like that Review.Network appointed Community Manager, as it indicates long-term plans to form united community around the project.

Project adviser Robert Golladay has over 10 years of experience in IBM, on leading and management positions.


Large portion of well-established and recognized projects went below their ICO price. Lingering bear market scared away even the most risky investors.  We are talking about another project that looks good on a paper, but doesn’t have MVP, proven business model, existing customers. I  like the idea behind the product and problem which they solve. I can also see certain demand for this solution, however I am not convinced in correct timing and ability of this team to deliver this product successfully. I will definitely avoid participating in this ICO.