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HomeICO Reviews — Flogmall

Total Rating: 3.8
Team Rating: 4
Vision Rating: 4
Product Rating: 3.5
Token: MLC
Pre ICO Price: 0.00035 ETH
Price in ICO: 0,0005 ETH
Bonus: 25%
MVP/Prototype: Available
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, USD
Soft cap: $8 000 000
Hard cap: $ 24 000 000
Country: Russia
Whitelist/KYC: Yes
Restricted areas: USA
Minimum investment: $200
Project Type: Retail Platform
Category: E-commerce
Total Supply: 250,000,000
Whitepaper: Link
ICO Start Date: 26 Apr 2018
ICO End Date: 20 Jul 2018

For the past month, I didn’t review any ICO because market sentiment wasn’t right. Recently I ran into several good ICO’s with hidden potential to disrupt e-commerce niche of cryptocurrency market. Today I want to talk about ICO that already gathered over 18 million USD, and it is closing in 3 days. This project has publicly-available Alpha version and already gained returning customers. But what can be more existing than additional 20% bonus only for BITAFTA subscribers that I got from the team?



  • Platform allows you to purchase goods without a need to use fiat currency;
  • It has strong and experienced team;
  • FLOGmall has classified advertisements with various product categories;
  • You can buy goods with ETH, BTC and dozens of other cryptocurrencies;
  • FLOGmall provides a discount of up to 600% on MLC tokens for ICO participants and the ability for further realisation of tokens with the help of ATES;
  • Alpha-version is already available for public;
  • FLOGmall solves main cryptomarket problem: liquidity;
  • Large network of partners;
  • 25% bonus is still available;
  • Project was widely covered by crypto-media and traditional media such as NASDAQ;

           You can already purchase goods on FLOGmall platform with different cryptocurrency.


  • Some anonymous tokens could be used by criminals to purchase goods;
  • The project has limited choice of merchants and goods at the moment, as it is still in its early stage;
  • Majority of potential customers are not using cryptocurrency yet, therefore it might take a while for this project to develop into serious, international e-commerce project.


  • Project has great scalability possibilities;
  • FLOGmall can indefinitely increase variety and quantity of goods;
  • Every time it will add new language/new country/new cryptocurrency it will increase token value;
  • It has relatively small supply;

FLOGmall has impressive coverage in international cryptomedia, which opens opportunities around the globe.


  • Large e-commerce companies like Amazon and Ebay can start using Bitcoin or other crypto in the future;
  • Current market sentiment is still overall bearish;
  • Blockchain competitors such as Storiqa;
  • Core of the team is in Russia, which increases additional political risks.


Team has experienced members with necessary knowledge about e-commerce and business in general. Lack of international experience is compensated by strong, international advisory board, including e-commerce experts such as Gunaseelan Mani and Dr. Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis – academic expert in data processing and analyzing.

Key team members:

  • Aleksey Khayrutdinov. CEO of FLOGmall. Founder of Topzakazz, online store, and co-owner of “Cargo” in China which bridges customers in China and Russia;
  • Alexey Belov. Co-Founder and CFO. Has 7 years of experience in “StroyGid” as Deputy Finance Director;
  • Aleksandr Chagai. Co-founder. Co-owner of the group of companies “YugEnergo“. Member of the working group on the concept of the energy supply development of the largest property developers and consumers of the Southern Federal District.
  • Alexander Zalogin. Co-Founder and CMO: Entrepreneur, producer of online projects, eLearning entrepreneur, author of 7 books on Internet sales, Internet marketer, co-founder of the Topzakazz online store and the fulfillment-service


FLOGmall ICO demonstrated ability to resist bear market, and receive over $18000000, despite unfavorable market conditions. It’s a good indicator of teamwork and necessary persistence. FLOGmall has customers, working product and it solves very important cryptocurrency problem since project offers liquidity for dozens of tokens. I don’t think that this project will grow overnight; therefore it’s a good project for those who look for long-term and mid-term investment strategy. The reason why I didn’t recommend the project earlier is because I wasn’t sure of ICO performance on bearish market, but I like this project so I contacted team members and was able to get discount for my subscribers. I think that as soon as project will form solid customer base, it will be widely used because, unlike traditional e-commerce platforms, FLOGmall has very low fees for merchants. I always prefer projects with experienced team, working product and scalable business – and FLOGmall has all those qualities.

If you want to receive additional 20% discount, please put bonus1050 in this section, once you are registered


Promo code is: bonus1050

For additional questions or inquiries, please join FLOGmall official Telegram channel, and don’t forget to visit official website

Author: Vladyslav Antonov