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HomeICO Reviews — Faceter

Total Rating: 4
Team Rating: 4
Vision Rating: 4
Product Rating: 4
Token: FACE
Price in ICO: 1000 FACE = 0.0872 ETH
Soft cap: $5 million
Hard cap: $40.8 million
Country: South Africa
Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist
Total Supply: 1 Billion
Whitepaper: Link
ICO Start Date: 15 Feb 2018
ICO End Date: 30 Mar 2018

Faceter is the first decentralized surveillance system for consumers. Faceter makes video surveillance smart, giving brains to cameras through enhanced face detection, object detection and real-time video analysis. These features allow cameras to understand the situation and respond to it, offering much better security to all the customers. At Faceter’s technological core is the absolute respect for privacy, and the utilization of the features of convolutional neural networks to split the tasks reinforces this commitment. As a result, sensitive data is always processed in a completely trusted environment, and all images not subject to recovery are passed to the decentralized network.

Token economics and ICO information:

For sale: 40.8% (8 million pre-sale + 40 million public sale)

Public sale: 10th March 2018 to 30th April 2018. Bonus 40% up-to 28 million sold tokens, 30% up-to 108 millions, 20% up-to 208 million. Additional 5% bonus for purchase above $10K

Weak sides:

– The product wasn’t tasted on a large scale;

– Large computing power is required for such an ambitious project;

– There are several large non-blockchain competitors who also work in this industry. It might become a problem in the long-run as nothing bars them from upgrading their current systems to blockchain-based platform.

Strong sides:

– Product exists and passed LFW and MegaFace test;

– It’s using innovative Proof of Recognition in the blockchain;

– Several large customers are ready to use this platform, other customers have already reached team and negotiation over the platform adoption;

– Customers can test the product on demo online cabinet;

– Strong and professional team with necessary competency to complete such a project;

– Faceter will have to buy its only tokens back from the market to burn it through a smart contract to generate the license key;

– Existing demand for the product

Summary: Faceter is the first project that seriously tries to solve the problem of video surveillance market though the blockchain technology. Faceter has experienced team and tested product with an existing customer base. I think that this project has great potential and I am personally participating in FACE ICO. My only concern is competition, as we have several large corporation in this business that might adopt blockchain in the nearest future too. But so far, FACE is the largest and the most progressive project in this field.