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Color: Colorful dApp Store

HomeICO Reviews — Color: Colorful dApp Store

Total Rating: 4.2
Team Rating: 4.5
Vision Rating: 4
Product Rating: 4
Token: COL
Price in ICO: 1ETH = 2000 COL
MVP/Prototype: Not available
Platform: Ethereum / Color Platform
Accepting: ETH
Hard cap: 30,000,000
Country: Singapore
Whitelist/KYC: Yes
Restricted areas: China, Singapore, Japan, United States
Minimum investment: 0.1
Category: Blockchain dApp platform
Total Supply: 400,000,000
Whitepaper: Link
ICO Start Date: 19 Sep 2018
ICO End Date: 22 Oct 2018

Color is the next generation platform for high-performance sophisticated decentralized applications (dApps). Color utilizes its ‘Spectrum’ technology that enables enterprise-level speed and scalability while hosting thousands of dApps. Color dApps will be powered by a single unifying cryptocurrency the “Color Coin (COL)”. The Color Platform aims to be the incubator for a host of dApps, such as Color Design, Reward Inc., and other. The Color Platform also provides various services to supercharge the dApp-creation process, among them the Color Development Kit, which enables even inexperienced developers to create sophisticated dApps rather easily. Additionally, the Color Platform provides the back-end for dApp development so ordinary users don’t need to worry about the intricate details of the consensus algorithm or how to set up a decentralized server.



  • The Color Platform is reviewing various programming languages such as Java, Javascript, Python, Php, C#, C++, Solidity, and Go to enable easy development of dApps;
  • Color Spectrum separates data streams from code and effectively manages concurrent execution of sophisticated dApps. Color Spectrum technology consists of distinct layers for data processing and committing data into blockchain. Spectrum enables users to use dApps in their daily life and solves the issue of speed and scalability of existing blockchain system.
  • Color Platform is in the process of POC with PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) chip. PUF chip has their own unique digital fingerprints that occur during the manufacturing process of semiconductors, and thus can function as a cryptographic identification mechanism capable of signing transactions directly with the other party and greatly increasing transaction speed.
  • 62.5% of tokens are for sale during ICO period;
  • Well planned Road Map;
  • The Color Gallery will act as a hub for all the dApps on the Color Platform. Through the Color Gallery, users will have access to a broad array of decentralized applications and resources;
  • Has multiple tiers: Terminal Node, Logic Runner, and Block Builder;
  • Telegram channel already got over 45000 active members;
  • Low anonymity of users during Pixel distribution is good for legal compliance;
  • The Pixel Program prevents the unfair distribution of wealth;
  • With PUF chip, lightning fast P2P transactions will be possible;
  • Project is in active phase of negotiations with several major exchanges and will be listed on exchanges all at once;
  • It’s a platform, not a dApp, which increases its value and decreases potential risks;
  • Strong Board and experienced core team;
  • Diverse and international team: Color has developers from Russia, Belarus and Korea;
  • Easy-to-understand introduction video with global CTO talking about Color’s technology and strengths


  • Bad timing for ICO, weak investment market, investor uncertainty;
  • Pixels are distributed only among KYC verified users, which decreases number of investors;
  • Complicated technical details might scare away potential investors who are not familiar with heavy, blockchain and IT terminology;
    It’s difficult to convince dApp developers to switch from existing platform;
  • Platform includes large functionality: Dailytto is a lottery-based reward app on blockchain, Reward INC. is a reward app that has level up functions to earn points that can be converted to Color coins, Color Design stores and manages interior related information on blockchain. Such a focus dispersion can lead to unfinished/bugged dApps;
  • MVP is not ready yet;


  • MVP will be available in October 2018
  • Each dApp built on the platform will increase its intrinsic value;
  • Multi-Tier platform allows users to create dApps for different purposes, increasing user base of the platform;
  • Platform has notable geographical expansion potential: international team, egalitarian principles and correct marketing strategy might help this team to cover global markets;
  • Platform has good chances to get listed on large exchanges and sign important partnerships;
  • Pixel Program will distribute 200,000 coins every week starting from the first year of Color Platform. Every year the emission rate of Color Coins for Pixel Program will decrease by 5%
  • Treasury will receive 100,000 coins every week. Treasury will be funding projects devoted to further development of Color Platform and Color Ecosystem. Every year the emission rate of Color Coins for Treasury will decrease by 5%.
  • Network Support will distribute 100,000 coins every week to cover expenses of Login Runneron execution of dApps code and Block builder producing Full Nodes. Every year the emission rate of Color Coins for Network Support will decrease by 5%.


  • Color Coins anonymous transactions can create additional AML compliance threats;
  • Amount of competing blockchain platforms is constantly growing;
  • Platform wasn’t researched through public test therefore there are additional risks related to its operation;
  • Multi-functionality of the platform can possibly lead to financial overspending and dispersion of workforce;
  • Economic model wasn’t tested or checked on a grand scale;


Color has impressive board of directors:

President: Young K Choe is a president of R&D Division at Color Platform. He is an adjunct professor of College of Engineering at Yonsei University and director of Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association and Open Source Software Foundation. He has broad experience working in NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, and BMC Software. I don’t have doubt in his management and organizational skills, considering his previous position as Vice President of Corporate Software Laboratory in Samsung Electronics.
CTO: Nikolay Pakulin graduated from Faculty of Control and Applied Mathematics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in 1998. He is a senior researcher at the Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPRAS) where he has 17 years of enriched experience. He obtained his Ph.D. degree for work on “Formalization of Standards and Test Suites for Internet Protocols.”
Research and Development: Dr. Levin has an outstanding experience in Applied Mathematics, Scientific Programming, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Algorithm Design. Previously, he worked at various global companies including Huawei, MB Software AG, and Samsung Electronics.
Local Development Lead: Mr. Suho Kwon, after receiving his master’s degree in Computer Science, worked at the global companies including Samsung Electronics, Samsung Techwin and SK Hynix as a software engineer and a project director for over 20 years. He is specialized in software architecture & quality and software development process. He is currently working as a development lead for Color Platform.


Core team members:

Brandon Knodel (Blockchain Researcher): Brandon has spent most of his career in IT for large organizations like Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, and AT&T. Brandon has been a cryptocurrency expert since 2013, and now assists various teams at Color with technical writing, planning, and even blogging.

Vitaliy Korolev (QA Engineer): Experienced QA engineer working in the information technology and services industry for over 7 years. He is experienced in building a quality assurance team from scratch and maintaining testing processes. He is a strong engineering professional, graduated from Minsk Radio Engineering College.

Artyom Vorobyov (Technical Architect): As a technical process architect at Softeq, Artyom Vorobyov has developed several processes applied company-wide including education pipeline for technical experts. Besides establishing development processes, he is deeply interested in technical aspects of software development including core blockchain technology and solution architecture.

Byungsoo Jung (Blockchain Developer): He has vast experiences in development and analysis from cryptocurrency trading system to blockchain core development. He is currently working on web and mobile wallet software integrating with PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) chip embedded device for Color.

Hungseok Chae (Platform Developer): Hungseok Chae has broad development experiences in NLP, RFID and IOT areas for over 20 years. He has analyzed bitcoin core and libbitcoin library sources and been developing cryptocurrency software and electronic wallets. He is currently developing a service platform based on distributed business-logic and blockchain technology.

Nickie Hwang (Marketing Manager): Nickie Hwang has several years of experience in managing diverse marketing projects and campaigns at global security companies including Symantec and Veritas Singapore and Korea. She joined the blockchain industry to explore a new field.

Summary: I always prefer platform tokens over dApp tokens because platform value can be leveraged significantly through success of dApps built on the top of it. This project has impressive team with strong IT background that could reveal full potential of this project. Colors has firm competitive advantage: Color spectrum technology. It consists of distinct tiers for data processing and committing data into blockchain, enabling high speed transactions and solving scalability issue observed in many other blockchain projects. Despite all positive sides of the platform, I have one major concern: simultaneous concentration on multi-functional parts of the platform. I hope that experienced professionals such as Mr. Young Choe can overcome this obstacle. Color Platform has demonstrated great marketing skills: over 45 thousand active telegram subscribers and successful bounty campaign. Due to its multi-functionality and ability to satisfy growing demand, Color Platform has potential to climb and hold its place among TOP-100 tokens on CMC. While I can’t be as confident about “short-term quick flip”, vast majority of platform tokens always show exceptional mid and long-term results: it’s enough to take a look at TOP-20 CMC tokens.