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India’s Internet and IAMAI form a committee to brainstorm use of blockchain technology in the industry

India’s Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)’s main purpose is to improve and expand the value added services pertaining to mobiles and several online services. Now, IAMAI has initiated a thinktank committee for potential use cases blockchain technology chaired by Tina Singh, Chief Digital Officer, Mahindra Finance and co-chaired by Prasanna Lohar, Head, Innovation…
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Sprint International Express partners with CargoX to extend it’s logistics services to blockchain ‘Bill of Lading’

We have previously reported about how blockchain technology is well suited to digitize and automate ‘Bill of Lading’ in a trustless manner for shipping cargo trading and settlement worldover. We also reported how ICO funded startup CargoX (token: CXO) pioneered the first ever ‘Bill of Lading’ over a blockchain ahead of tech giants like IBM…
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Goldman Sachs & venture capitalist Mike Novogratz invest millions into custodian BitGo Holdings Inc.

Crypto wallet service provider since 2013, BitGo, has raised in excess of $50 million to build its own custody business, BitGo Trust Co, fully compliant with regulations. $15 million out of the of 50 comes from investments by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and head of Galaxy Digital Ventures venture capital billionaire Mike Novogratz. This is…
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International finance related publication house & media organization giant Forbes partners with Civil Network to publishing content on blockchain

Forbes is bi-weekly publishing powerhouse, with original articles primarily pertaining to finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. It also publishes on technology, communications, science, politics, and law. Now, the famous business magazine is set to begin publishing metadata from its cryptocurrency desk to the blockchain in partnership with Civil Network and blockchain platform. They will…
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67,000 acres of land next door to Tesla, Panasonic, for a secret blockchain project, soon to be unveiled at Devcon 4, Nevada, USA

In a much hyped anticipated unveiling at Devcon 4 in Nevada, USA with the likes of Governor Brian Sandoval, Tesla’s Elon Musk and others, Jeffrey Berns, CEO of Blockchains, LLC will announce a “groundbreaking news from Blockchains”. The firms has also acquired 67000 acres of land next to Elon Musk’s Tesla plant in Nevada, for…
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‘Fidelity Investments’, a mutual fund giant, to cater to Wall Street institutions with novel crypto related products

‘Fidelity Investments’, a mutual fund giant, to cater to Wall Street institutions with novel crypto related products Fidelity Investments, a mutual fund and retirement provider giant with over 70 years of experience is now stepping into the cryptocurrency space. The firm will provide security and storage services, trade execution and customer service for digital assets.…
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South Korean government official to update stance in November 2018 after a year long ICO ban

As per a top South Korean government official, there is likely an announcement/update on its stance on its disputed status of ban on initial coin offerings (ICOs) since September of 2017. The stance update will be finalized after its survey to local blockchain companies to gather their views on the current legal framework. Hong Nam-ki,…
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Coinbase’s ‘index fund’ aimed for big investors to be shut down in favor of retail investors with crypto financial ETF like product ‘Coinbase Bundles’

Earlier this year in March, Coinbase had announced ‘index fund’ product targetting accredited large investors with minimum $250,000. Due to lack of demand for the product, Coinbase is shutting down the same. In its place, Coinbase aims targets three products to smaller retail investors for investing & related tools: ‘Coinbase bundles’, ‘asset pages’ and ‘Coinbase…
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South Korean crypto exchange giant Bithumb was sold for $354 million to BK Global Consortium led by Kim Byung-gun, plastic surgeon and blockchain platform investor

South Korean major cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb was sold for US$354 million to a group led by a plastic surgeon and blockchain platform investor. With this acquisition by BK Global Consortium, they now own a controlling 51% shares of the crypto exchange. In these times of severe crypto bear markets, news like these further affirm that…
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