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BTC/USD Technical Analysis update

I haven’t done TA for BTC this week because indicators are too controversial. Technical Analysis works the best when market has obvious trend: bullish or bearish. Unfortunately, since BTC is moving sideways, I hesitate to give precise analysis. Despite that, I want to share some thoughts and my vision of BTC. 📉 Since yesterday, BTC…
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BTC/USD Technical analysis

BTC is ready for another bull run. Currently, BTC has formed continuation figure, which means that BTC is likely to make a bullish move up to 10000, and then possibly up to 11000 – 11300. The formation of symmetrical triangle means that within this week we should see continuation of growth. 📉 What about indicators?…
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BTC/USD update

Two days ago I indicated that movement over 7200 would trigger impulse towards $7800. Yesterday, Bitcoin stopped at $7800 and after pause it continued movement to $8000 mark. I didn’t expect Bitcoin to get out of sideways trend so quick, but I am not the only one who didn’t expect such a rapid sudden change.…
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BTC/USD analysis

As you can notice, BTC went exactly like I indicated in my previous analysis – after moving below 10300 support line it stopped at 9680 – 9800 support zone. Unfortunately, in the paradigm of the rising trend we can see the formation of head and shoulders pattern, which forms only after bullish run and indicates…
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Brief ENG TA

For the past week ENG went up in USD value but went down in BTC value ENG is experiencing bull run, however ENG is running out of fuel and might go down – we have several good entry points. If ENG will go over 0.00004309 then our next stops are 0.00004620 – 0.00004711 (Partial sell)…
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