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Bitcoin/USD  —  June update

Almost three weeks ago, in my article Bitcoin/USD — Full analysis I wrote that BTC is likely to continue bear pattern if price will fail to move over 7600. Unfortunately, a lot of people (including myself) got trapped when BTC moved to $7700 – but only for couple days. Briefly after, Bitcoin moved down to $6090, breaking…
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Brief market summary. Monday, June 11th

Bitcoin price change: 24 hours: -11.15% 1 month: −19.78% BTC trading volume (24h):$5,097,980,000 (Volume decreased slightly) BTC Dominance: 39.3% (1.3% increase): Biggest Gainers (TOP-100):Dropil (+16.37%) Biggest Losers (TOP-100): Enigma (-18.78%) 📈 Bitcoin correction ,which happened yesterday, caught majority of traders unprepared. To be frank with you guys, I didn’t expect it. Almost every indicator was…
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Bitcoin/USD  —  Full analysis

In this brief article I will analyze Bitcoin price, using basic Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Based on available information I came to conclusion that we have several possible scenarios. You might automatically assume that bearish scenario is a worst-case scenario, however that’s not what my analysis says. Read this article till the end if you…
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LTC Market Analysis: Litecoin price: $118 Price change (1 month) (USD): −20.67% (or −$30.77) Highest price: $339.50 (December 19th, 2017) Lowest price this year: 113.90 (April 9th) 📐 LTC Technical Analysis: So far, LTC was following BTC chart pattern quite precisely, despite that, I decided to cover LTC as it approached enough close to important…
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Famous multi-millionaire Kevin O’Leary will back the First Hotel Asset-Backed ICO

Kevin O’Leary told CNBC on Monday he’s working on a deal to allow a “very prestigious brand hotel” in New York sell ownership in the company through a $400 million cryptocurrency offering instead of a stock IPO. So who is Kevin O’Leary and why this ICO is so important? Kevin O’Leary is an Irish-Canadian businessman…
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BTC/USD Technical Analysis update

I haven’t done TA for BTC this week because indicators are too controversial. Technical Analysis works the best when market has obvious trend: bullish or bearish. Unfortunately, since BTC is moving sideways, I hesitate to give precise analysis. Despite that, I want to share some thoughts and my vision of BTC. 📉 Since yesterday, BTC…
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BTC/USD Technical analysis

BTC is ready for another bull run. Currently, BTC has formed continuation figure, which means that BTC is likely to make a bullish move up to 10000, and then possibly up to 11000 – 11300. The formation of symmetrical triangle means that within this week we should see continuation of growth. 📉 What about indicators?…
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BTC/USD update

Two days ago I indicated that movement over 7200 would trigger impulse towards $7800. Yesterday, Bitcoin stopped at $7800 and after pause it continued movement to $8000 mark. I didn’t expect Bitcoin to get out of sideways trend so quick, but I am not the only one who didn’t expect such a rapid sudden change.…
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BTC/USD analysis

As you can notice, BTC went exactly like I indicated in my previous analysis – after moving below 10300 support line it stopped at 9680 – 9800 support zone. Unfortunately, in the paradigm of the rising trend we can see the formation of head and shoulders pattern, which forms only after bullish run and indicates…
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