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11 Nov 18, Sunday

✅ ZeusCrowdfunding (ZEUS) token swap
✅ Odyssey (OCN) OCP airdrop for OCN holders
✅ Castle (CSTL) new chain public launch
✅ Callisto Network (CLO) hard fork
✅ aXpire (AXPR) episode on CNBC
✅ Magnet (MAG) swap
✅ Fortuna (FOTA) platform launch

12 Nov 18, Monday

✅ Bitcoin (BTC) Bakkt Bitcoin BTC Futures launch
✅ Singapore Fintech Festival
✅ European Blockchain Hub Tour, Berlin, Germany
✅ Asura Coin (ASA) SPOT airdrop for ASA holders
✅ Nebula AI (NBAI) Orion enterprise cloud center & AI Worker release
✅ Graft Blockchain (GRFT) RTA SuperNode alpha release
✅ CrowdCoin (CRC) coin swap
✅ HYCON (HYC) listing on KRW exchange
✅ Egretia (EGT) Bplus talk
✅ Patron (PAT) website release
✅ WandX (WAND) WANDNEO airdrop for WAND holders
✅ Morpheus Labs (MITX) Singapore Fintech festival
✅ Bottos (BTO) listing on SwftCoin
✅ Cosmos Coin (CMOS) Gaia 9000
✅ Electroneum (ETN)KYC deadline

13 Nov 18, Tuesday

✅ Wings of Change, European aviation’s flagship event, Madrid. Spain
✅ Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona, Spain
✅ Hydrogen (HYDRO) meetup, New York, USA
✅ European Blockchain hub tour in Vienna
✅ SunContract (SNC) platform presentation

14 Nov 18, Wednesday

✅ Bitcoin (BTC) Cboe XBT expiration date
✅ Women on the Block conference, Singapore
✅ Decentralized 2018 conference, Athens, Greece
✅ Business Show 2018 in London
✅ Bahrain International airshow
✅ Money20/20 China conference, Hangzhou, China
✅ GoHelpFund (HELP) token burn #2
✅ Peercoin (PPC) listing on FUBT

15 Nov 18, Thursday

✅ SUSS Fintech Summit, Singapore
✅ Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork
✅ BOScoin (BOS) mainnet launch
✅ Aeron (ARN) CBM airdrop for ARN holders
✅ Odyssey (OCN) development progress update
✅ Oxycoin (OXY) Listing on Purcow
✅ ClearPoll (POLL) ESOS airdrop for POLL holders
✅ CGC Token (CGC) listing on GAEX
✅ Hacken (HKN) Coin Burn
✅ Veros (VRS) platform launch
✅ CyberMiles (CMT) CMT Wallet update
✅ CGC Token (CGC) listing on GAEX
✅ Phore (PHR) listing on Ternion

16 Nov 18, Friday

✅ Scale by the Bay conference, San Francisco, USA
✅ Metronome (MET) meetup, Oslo, Norway
✅ Lympo (LYM) app launch
✅ Memetic / PepeCoin (MEME) hard fork
✅ Veros (VRS) listing on IDAX
✅ TRON (TRX) listing on Bestex
✅ ACAT, AMM, SNOV, TNC, CAG, IPSX delisting from Bibox

17 Nov 18, Saturday

✅ BlockBali Summit 2018
✅ Nxt (NXT) snapshot for RYA airdrop
✅ SHEL, EXBT delisting from BitBegin