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ADA (Cardano) The Long Accumulation

HomeAnalysis — ADA (Cardano) The Long Accumulation

                                                           ADA/BTC                                        (CARDANO)




# A new prepaid @Cardano_  debit card, created in collaboration with and MetapsPlus, has been released for a limited time only in South Korea.

# ADA COIN is now available on the ledger nano S

# Some even says ADA is the next BTC

Now some technical analysis about it :

ADA/BTC is actually in a range between 0.00001316 BTC as a resistance, and 0.00001108 as a support .

The lowest low is currently  0.00000831 BTC on binance. And the higher high (of the range) is 0.00001396 BTC

Now that we have the support and resistance, let’s see how to trade it.

Below 0.00001008 BTC ADA can be short to the actual major support.

Above 0.00001316 ADA can be bought to the actual major resistance.

Above 0.00001541 ADA can be longed with leverage.


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